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  • Ana Silvera

Three songs, composed or arranged on the harmonium this strange year of 2020 alongside a 5 page booklet of liner notes. Listen / Download on Bandcamp

'One Morning' was written as part of a lockdown challenge to write a song on the theme of 'Wherever I Go, There I Am' and this is what emerged.

'Exile' was written for Radio 3's The Verb, a commission on the theme of 'The Language of Leaving', an anthology concerning different states of exile. This is a bit of a sketch and I plan to record a fuller version at some point, but I like the bare-bones of it for now.

'Jóga' is one of my favourite songs by Bjørk, and has been a constant refrain in my head this year with its chorus of 'state of emergency...'.

Thanks to Alice Williamson for the evocative photos taken specially for this release...light in the darkness...changing of the tracks.

Happy Launch Day to composer Emily Hall for her beautiful song collection - we've collaborated twice before, once for a performance of her opera 'Folie à deux' back in 2014, and more recently I had the pleasure of singing with Emily's choir, the Stroud Fringe Choir during last March's UK tour. These are new arrangements of pre-existing tunes to be easily played and sung at home with accompanying pdfs - I'm singing on 2 tracks, 4.05 and Sally Gardens, in great company alongside Hazel Askew, Olivia Chaney, Allan Clayton, Eliza Bagg with piano from Sarah Nicolls. Have a listen here