Dear Reader. This blog is a mixture of recent news but also under the *musings* tag I've gathered together some of my writings that have been scattered across the web on various sites, including the collection of blog 'postcards' I wrote from New York back in 2009, and other bits and pieces.  My most read piece, "History of Hip (Reflections on Pain and Comfort)" from 2015 is now here too, as well as "April", a posthumous portrait of my mother and the self-explanatory "Dealing with the Critics". Welcome and I hope you enjoy having a thoroughly good read. I'm so happy they finally have a home. 

Ana x

April 11, 2019

 So pleased to say two new live videos are now out - Halos and Red Balloon, featuring Bjarke Falgren on the viola and mandolin respectively and shot at Brorsons Kirke, Copenhagen by Emile Carlsen. Watch them here

Red Balloon is a song about forbidden love and longing, about yearning for the hills and reading palms.And gazing from the outside at houses lit up like lanterns and dreaming of the world inside; the sensation of floating, weightlessly, into the clouds with no ties or binds, to be not...

February 8, 2019

Thrilled to be heading to Folk Alliance International 2019, in Montreal where I've been selected to play as an official artist! Can't wait to check out lots of talented musicians and make new friends. I'll be playing 5 different shows - times and dates above! My first time in Canada too.  

October 1, 2018

I am so so pleased to announce that the video for #SkeletonSong - song 2 of #Oracles is now premiering over at Clash Magazine >> Read / Watch HERE 

Though we filmed the piece over a sunny-cloudy weekend in N. Sjælland, Denmark back in May of this year, it's been a long-gestating vision and I couldn't have imagined a better group of dedicated and brilliant people to help realise the idea of a dance film to accompany this song. Kate Church (dancer/director) plays the role of 'Skeleton Woman' who...

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