What a huge pleasure it was playing my brand new commission, a song called 'Exile' 'for BBC Radio 3's The Verb! It went out on Friday, and then on Sunday it got a second outing on Radio 4's 'Pick of the Week'. I even got to sit at the clever people's table and talk about poems. Loved hearing these brilliant poets speak and share their work. My song was inspired by a stunning poem by Sholeh Wolpé, 'The World Grows Blackthorn Walls', taken from the anthology that is the focus of the show, 'The Heart of a Stranger'.

You can hear the whole thing here

Excerpt of the song and my chat with presenter Ian Macmillan below.

  • Ana Silvera

Hey dear friends.

I have consumed the last marzipan; I am drinking the final bottle of really good Italian red which we found in the back of a cupboard and last night we ate asparagus soup because it was the least Christmassy food we could think of. But let’s be clear: I am in Denmark so the hygge is still going strong. Meaning firewood burning, candles a-flickering, a parcel of deer – yes, that IS the collective noun, even *that* is festive ffs - doing a synchronised line-dance outside the frosted window. [READ MORE]

  • Ana Silvera

The date for my candlelit winter concert at St Pancras Old Church is fast approaching!! Last week I had a lovely rehearsal with Camden Voices - such a nice bunch of folks - some dear friends and collaborators including Kate Keara Pelen who suggested me working with the choir in the first place. We're gonna do 'I Grew Up In A Room, Small As A Penny' from Oracles (check the vid here and my attempted conduct / piano playing / singing / score turning multi task event), Winter Psalm and ancient Gaelic hymn An Teideach go hEigpt (both on my winter EP Arcana... ) and finally a cover by a talented gentleman know for singing about hookers and drunks (any guesses? 😝).