• Ana Silvera

Well been soooo long since I played my home town... how did that happen? Not since the Oracles launch in July last year Southbank Centre did I play London. But I'm about to make up for that playing quite a few dates culminating in a special Christmas show at St Pancras Old Church on the 9 December ❄ Before then, I'm playing at some really superb concert series (serieii?) , all of them artist curated (that is to say, the people behind them are brilliant artistes themselves so extra cool beans). Can't wait to catch up with some of you folks there... Wednesday 2 October - Listenpony @ The Crypt, Clerkenwell Green Friday 4 October - Birch Festival, Hoxton Friday 15 November - Pindrop Sessions, Brixton Saturday 16 November - UnampliFire Festival Winter 2019 @ St Mark's Dalston Monday 9 December - Old St Pancras Church

  • Ana Silvera

On Monday, I shall be walking through the doors of brilliant producer and long-time friend Gerry Diver’s south London studio to finally record album no. 3 ! This album will be my 2nd ever studio recording (after The Aviary which came out a gazillion moons ago…2012 eek). I met Gerry when I was 19 – he was living in a big old house in Wandsworth, playing fiddle in an Irish fusion band with my then boyfriend. A few years later, we bumped into one another at Camden station and had one of those brief, classically London "so great to see you! What are you up to these days?! Arghhh it’s my stop…byeeee" kind of convos and then didn’t see each other for a few more years. However, because of the ol’ www, I was aware of the great work he was doing – like the superb Mercury nominated album he made with Sam Lee, the wonderful (BBC Folk Award-winning) music he made with Lisa Knapp... recordings with Graham Coxon, Christy Moore, Tom Robinson…the list goes on. And occasionally we’d see each other at gigs and have a drink, a gossip and a laugh. It gradually dawned on me that it’d be not only fun and exciting but also a GREAT idea to work with Gerry on a full album, once Oracles was done, dusted and out in the world. I’ll be keeping you in the loop on here and elsewhere, but in the meantime…bring on album #3!

So pleased to say two new live videos are now out - Halos and Red Balloon, featuring Bjarke Falgren on the viola and mandolin respectively and shot at Brorsons Kirke, Copenhagen by Emile Carlsen. Watch them here

Red Balloon is a song about forbidden love and longing, about yearning for the hills and reading palms.And gazing from the outside at houses lit up like lanterns and dreaming of the world inside; the sensation of floating, weightlessly, into the clouds with no ties or binds, to be nothing and nobody for just a moment.

And about Halos - every time I perform this song I am transported back in time - I see the frozen furrows of winter fields and the birds wheeling in circles in the evening sky, or a pale morning mist descending on the dawn, like a benediction. It's a song addressed to and about my brother, about the altered air left in the wake of loss... about bravery and resolve... how remembering him is not done in broad sweeps but in those tiny, precious details - a ring of smoke, a strand of hair on a pillow, the slant of a certain light, a moment of tangible love amidst chaos.