Step Onto The Ground, Dear Brother! 

Premiered on 25th February 2012 @ Roundhouse Main Space || With Estonian Television Girls Choir.

Step Onto The Ground, Dear Brother! (Tule Maale, Armas Veli!) is a choral piece I wrote as a commission for the Estonian Television Girls Choir, conducted by Aarne Saluveer. The piece draws on Estonian folklore and ancient Finno-Ugric texts, and was performed at the Roundhouse as part of their 2012 Reverb Festival and at the Sage Gateshead as a co-headline with Imogen Heap. The performance was live streamed by the Guardian. The piece was divided into four parts: Mystery, War, Death, Love with electronic soundscapes created by composer Max de Wardener. Excerpts can be seen on The Aviary video here.