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Date: Wednesday 4 November


New Work “Light, Console Me” by Ana Silvera inspired by The Mourner’s Kaddish Released as part of #betweenspaces


In a new composition, renowned British singer-songwriter, Ana Silvera, draws on her Sephardic Jewish heritage and takes inspiration from the Mourner’s Kaddish – the prayer traditionally recited in memory of those who have passed – to create a prayer for mourners in song for our times. Commissioned by Arts La’Olam as a Covid-19 legacy work the new piece, “Light, Console Me” is released on Wednesday 4 November 2020 on BandCamp.

The composition is seven minutes long and divided into three distinct parts. The first movement is written from the point of view of a person dying, the second from the perspective of the person waiting for news of their passing, and the third is a mourning song from the whole congregation. Each part can be played individually.

Download the audio and other content here.

Created as part of Arts La’Olam’s summer-long #betweenspaces global music and arts programme, Ana’s sensuous and haunting vocals coupled with a unique lyrical delicacy makes her the perfect custodian of an important project that gives a voice to the bereaved and a space to grieve.

Ana has performed her ethereal brand of alt-folk at countless festivals and major venues including SXSW, the Roundhouse, Iceland Airwaves and Copenhagen Jazz Festival on the back of her two critically acclaimed albums, The Aviary and Oracles. Her full biography is attached. 


Featuring master Kora player, and composer in his own right, Sefo Kanuteh from Gambia, thematically and collaboratively, the song is a work that seeks to achieve true global resonance. Sefo is a virtuosic, soulful and authentic kora and balafon player, whose accomplishments are evident from his rich cultural DNA and impressive collaborations with some of Africa’s most successful artists. His major projects including working with Baba Maal and at the Théâtre National Daniel Sorano, Dakar Senegal.

This is testament to his deep knowledge of Mande tradition and history; the music of his roots. Sefo grew up in Foday Kunda on the banks of the River Gambia and was raised by a family of highly skilled kora and balafon players. He also absorbed the language, culture and music of his Mandinka people and those of neighbouring countries into his music.

About #betweenspaces

In early summer, Arts La’Olam, based in Ipswich in Suffolk, launched a virtual programme of events, commissions and participatory online workshops that address social isolation, bring families and people of all ages together in a spirit of creative celebration, and to create legacy artworks that commemorate curious and crucial times.

#betweenspaces seeks to close the gaps and inequalities we may be feeling acutely right now and honour creativity within our reduced surroundings.

Thanks to a generous grant from Arts Council England, the Arts La’Olam mission to bring global arts and music to communities was repositioned to the digital environment. The programme has national reach, with some activities moving into live events at later dates in the East of England.

Eight dedicated projects with artists, working in new and innovative ways, have brought the life-enhancing energy of the arts into homes throughout between June and November this year.

The song is available to listen to on Wednesday 4 November on BandCamp, then more widely available on the main music platforms from Wednesday 25 November.


For more information on this Ana’s song and the #betweenspaces programme, or to get involved, visit Arts La’Olam website or contact Daisy Lees on 07990802776.



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