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Red Balloon (2019)


It's finally LANDED!! The video for 'Red Balloon', a recording of my song with Bjarke Falgren on mandolin is out now! It's a song about forbidden love and longing, about yearning for the hills and reading palms.

And gazing from the outside at houses lit up like lanterns and dreaming of the world inside; the sensation of floating, weightlessly, into the clouds with no ties or binds, to be nothing and nobody for just a moment. Shot at Brorsons Church, Copenhagen by Emile Carlsen. 

Halos (2019)

The video for 'Halos' is here! Featuring Bjarke Falgren on the viola and shot by Emile Carlsen in Brorsons Church, Copenhagen on a snowy January afternoon. Every time I perform this song I am transported back in time - I see the frozen furrows of winter fields and the birds wheeling in circles in the evening sky, or a pale morning mist descending on the dawn, like a benediction.

It's a song addressed to and about my brother, about the altered air left in the wake of loss... about bravery and resolve... how remembering him is not done in broad sweeps but in those tiny, precious details - a ring of smoke, a strand of hair on a pillow, the slant of a certain light, a moment of tangible love amidst chaos.

Skeleton Song from Oracles (2018) 

Though we filmed the piece over a sunny-cloudy weekend in N. Sjælland Denmark back in May of 2018, this film has been a long-gestating vision. Kate Church (dancer/director) plays the role of 'Skeleton Woman' who is fished out of the sea and slowly begans to stir back to life, starts to awaken from her numb and deathly state and to feel the blood run through her veins and her heart beat once more. At the time of writing, this story was an expression of my own crawling out of the darkness and sadness of grief and Kate translates the emotional intent of the song through her gestures and expression in a way that feels so true to the place from which I wrote (and sang) the song. The painstakingly created costume by Alice Williamson (who also co-directed) - heart and ribs included - and the cinematography by Mats Willand also makes me very happy indeed. 

Oracles - BTS Documentary (2018)

A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Oracles, recorded at The Roundhouse by filmmaker Mathieu Mastin, featuring Ana Silvera, a choir led by Josephine Stephenson and a stellar line-up of guest musicians including pianist Bill Laurance (Snarky Puppy), double bassist Jasper Høiby (Phronesis) and drummer Jacob Smedegaard well as Simran Singh (violin), Anne Chauveau-Dhayan (cello) and Naomi Morris (percussion). 

Pont Mirabeau - Moen Sessions (2017)

In late August, me and the ace Bjarke Falgren (here playing a cello, but could just have easily been violin...or viola...or mandolin...) and I drove up to beautiful part of Denmark called Møn with to shoot a video as part of the Møn Sessions, an awesome initiative by filmmaker Emile Carlsen. Bjarke and I got a little lost on the way (middle of nowhere, reception patchy, directions something like 'get to the sign where the cliffs are, then turn off into the forest and drive till you see a field etc') so we pitched up just as the sun was setting. Climbing a hill with the grey-blue sea in the distance forming a hazy horizon line, then pitching the mics between the cow-pats (this job ain't all glamour you know) and with Emile ducking and diving between us to capture the beautiful landscape and our song, Pont Mirabeau. 

Hometown (2012)

Hometown was the first single from "The Aviary" and this music video was shot in New York by filmmaker Ryan Foregger back in 2010. It tells the story of the song - a woman lying at the bottom of a river, looking up to the sky peacefully. Featuring Joshua David Bishop as the factory boy. 

The Aviary (2012)

My debut album, 'The Aviary' was released in 2012. This film (directed by Kate Church) includes an interview about the album, some excerpts of live performances of some songs as well as additional footage of my 2012 performance on the Roundhouse main stage of Oracles, as well as 'Step Onto the Ground, Dear Brother!', a commission with the Estonian Television Girls' Choir.