Møn Sessions // Pont Mirabeau

A couple of weeks back, on a warm summer eve, the ace Bjarke Falgren (here playing a cello, but could just have easily been violin...or viola...or mandolin...what DOESN'T he play?!) and I drove up to beautiful part of Denmark called Møn with to shoot a video as part of the Møn Sessions, an awesome initiative by talented filmmaker Emile Carlsen. Bjarke and I got a little lost on the way (middle of nowhere, reception patchy, directions something like 'get to the sign where the cliffs are, then turn off into the forest and drive till you see a field etc') so we pitched up just as the sun was setting. Climbing a hill with the grey-blue sea in the distance forming a hazy horizon line, then pitching the mics between the cow-pats (this job ain't all glamour you know) and with Emile ducking and diving between us to capture the beautiful landscape and our song, we had all of two takes to get the job done! But that's usually the best way :) What a treat. Here it is!