Skeleton Song Film Premiered On CLASH Magazine

I am so so pleased to announce that the video for #SkeletonSong - song 2 of #Oracles is now premiering over at Clash Magazine >> Read / Watch HERE

Though we filmed the piece over a sunny-cloudy weekend in N. Sjælland, Denmark back in May of this year, it's been a long-gestating vision and I couldn't have imagined a better group of dedicated and brilliant people to help realise the idea of a dance film to accompany this song. Kate Church (dancer/director) plays the role of 'Skeleton Woman' who is fished out of the sea and slowly begins to stir back to life, starts to awaken from her numb and deathly state and to feel the blood run through her veins and her heart beat once more. At the time of writing, this story was an expression of my own crawling out of the darkness and sadness of grief and Kate translates the emotional intent of the song through her gestures and expression in a way that feels so true to the place from which I wrote (and sang) the song. The painstakingly created costume by Alice Williamson (who also co-directed) - heart and ribs included - and camera work from talented DoP Norwegian Mats Willand also makes me very happy indeed!

I do hope you enjoy the film 💕🎈🎉 Stills top and bottom also created by Alice.

Check her instagram for more stunning images here