'Halos' & 'Red Balloon' - New Live Videos

So pleased to say two new live videos are now out - Halos and Red Balloon, featuring Bjarke Falgren on the viola and mandolin respectively and shot at Brorsons Kirke, Copenhagen by Emile Carlsen. Watch them here

Red Balloon is a song about forbidden love and longing, about yearning for the hills and reading palms.And gazing from the outside at houses lit up like lanterns and dreaming of the world inside; the sensation of floating, weightlessly, into the clouds with no ties or binds, to be nothing and nobody for just a moment.

And about Halos - every time I perform this song I am transported back in time - I see the frozen furrows of winter fields and the birds wheeling in circles in the evening sky, or a pale morning mist descending on the dawn, like a benediction. It's a song addressed to and about my brother, about the altered air left in the wake of loss... about bravery and resolve... how remembering him is not done in broad sweeps but in those tiny, precious details - a ring of smoke, a strand of hair on a pillow, the slant of a certain light, a moment of tangible love amidst chaos.