Inside I'll Sing ft. Isolation Choir

I was invited to be part of a special creation as part of an Isolation Choir, put together by Kieran Brunt, who also wrote the beautiful song we recorded, ‘Inside I’ll Sing’ - which was released April 17th.  It’s been featured everywhere from The Times Best New Music List and The Independent playlist to Unclassified on Radio 3 and NOWNESS. A pretty stellar line up of singers and musicians on it too. Check the track and video here, all proceeds to Help Musicians.   

[Picture credit:@drme_studio]. 

Featuring: featuring @ana_silvera , @annahmeredith , @douglasdaremusic , @gabiswallow , @hatis_noit , @j0fridur , joe newman / @unrealaltj , jonathan donahue / @themercuryrev , @lukehowardmusic , matt huxley / @strangeboymusic , @nicomuhly , @thisisredmoon , @sinfanggg , @tendertwin , @_williamdoyle ...

plus members of @shardsvoices @kabrunt , @jsphnstphnsn , @heloisewerner , @deedselvich , @j.a.c.k.l.j & @roseanne_martin & film by the stunning @fionajburgessss starry @chanfyx & @saskiahorton .