1. Manon 

2. The Harbour Song 

3. Gardenias & Cigarettes

4. Notes from an Opera

5. Hometown

6. Snow Queen

7. Coronation Dance

8. Letter from New York

9. All the King's Horses

10. Salome

11. Song for Daniel

12. Rainbows (Live)

"A stunning album...Silvera mixes

operatic and folk elements with magical storytelling"

The Guardian

The Aviary (2012)

The Aviary was released in March 2012 and was my debut studio album on the Karamel Music Collective label.

I had recorded half of it in New York working with producer Brad Albetta and arranger and violinist Maxim Moston, and half in London with Ray Singer over the period of 3 years and features the ‘Hometown’ and ‘Manon’ singles, as well as a tribute to my brother, ‘Song for Daniel’. 


Following her debut single 7" 'Hometown', recently launched to to a packed house at the Southbank's Purcell Room, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ana Silvera, releases her long-awaited first album 'The Aviary' (Karamel Music Collective). Drawing on a love of story-telling and for the folk music she grew up with, Ana sings of deeply personal experiences alongside mythical and historical tales of romance and tragedy. Drama, complexity, exuberance, life, death - they're all here in the complex melodies and heart-warming, sometimes bone-chilling lyrics of this debut. The songs equally reflect on Ana's own eventful life for inspiration.


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